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Energy & Power

At Reispar Technologies we are reshaping the energy landscape with AI & Analytics. From production to distribution analytics plays a critical role in the emerging industry. Let’s help you drive plant optimisation and modernisation.


Transformation in the automotive industry is rapidly growing with the rise of self driving vehicles. Artificial Intelligence & Analytics is driving the rapid growth in the industry as well clean mobility systems.

Oil & Gas

From the downstream sector to upstream AI is changing the way business occurs. Addictive Manufacturing has contributed towards the growth of this sector economy.


The recent COVID-19 pandemic across the world has shown how health care systems can flow in line with Artificial Intelligence & Deep learning. At Reispar, our real-time interactive analytics web application on COVID-19 across the world is simply a fraction of what’s possible.

Logistics & Transportation

Movement of goods and services across different regions and countries of the world generates lots of data if properly studied would aid in good governance among other applications.


Banking and Commerce has rapidly evolved overtime thanks to technology growth. In Nigeria for example, you can send money via electronic banking within a few seconds to a minute.

Manufacturing & Construction

Processes in the industry have improved overtime with the rise of 3D Printing and Industrial AI. OEMs can now drive more value from the derivatives of emerging technologies.
Reispar Technologies is a digital IoT and Industrial Artificial Intelligence startup company with a mandate to drive digital industrial transformation in Africa and beyond the continent.
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